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All the instruments or profiles that are hosted on this web site have been subject to extensive research and testing before they are included. All profiles published by Team Publications (currently twenty-five separate diagnostic tools on the site) have been published in paper booklet form. All these were written in the period 1997-date and were subject to extensive testing to ensure that face validity, content validity, construct validity and reliability reached sufficiently high levels to be seen as an accurate and credible measurement tool. The detailed diagnostic profile development process (shown as a 6-step flow diagram) can be viewed by clicking here.

In addition to testing and pre-publishing research, all profiles have been fully available for a period of at least twelve months in the market in paper booklet format (where further minor refinements could be made according to feedback and norm data collected). In their paper form, these profiles are sold in several countries around the world. However, the primary markets in which they sell most are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Once tests are available on the Internet, user norm data is available on a real time basis to the profile participant in the form of a bar on a graph in the specific profile that they are using. It is also available in a variety of demographically sorted forms directly from Profiles-r-us-com Pty Ltd.

Every profile on the site has a full explanatory facilitator guide (usually 48-52 pages in length). This explains how each profile was constructed and provides extensive feedback notes that can be used in one-to-one feedback or in a team workshop situation. These facilitator guides are all shown in the photo icons below and can be ordered in their booklet form for a standard price of US$39.95 (which includes shipping to anywhere in the world).

For further summary information on each of the diagnostic profiles that are available in paper form, a 16 page brochure is available by clicking here.

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