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Psychological Type Indicator

The Psychological Type Indicator (PTI) is a carefully crafted personality measure that is designed to give individuals guidance about their psychological (Jungian) type using the sixteen types (INTJ, ENTP, etc) first postulated by Carl Jung. The focus of the PTI is on providing individuals themselves, their managers and those who train or coach them, with an understanding of personality and its effect on performance both inside and beyond the workplace.

If you have completed a questionnaire, after you have logged in to the system, your report will be available to you by clicking on the dated hyperlink inside the "completed assessments" box. You can read this report on-screen or hot any of the oblong PDF report icons at the top left of screen which will give you a short introductory report or longer reports if you prefer. In addition, you can print any of the 8-Page Development reports that are available for all 16 types.